La Maison Vidal-Fleury La Maison Vidal-Fleury La Maison Vidal-Fleury La Maison Vidal-Fleury

Our History

Founded in 1781, Vidal-Fleury gained an international reputation very quickly. Thomas Jefferson's visit in 1787 was its first contact with the United States.
During the 1890s, Gustave Vidal married a daughter of the Fleury family. Thanks to her dowry, they replanted the vineyard following the phylloxera outbreak.
As of the 1920s, the House took an interest in other wine-growing regions in the Rhone Valley.
In the middle of the 20th century, Vidal-Fleury became the emblematic house of Côte-Rôtie. In 2008, a new development was set in motion by Vidal-Fleury thanks to its new cellar dedicated to maturing the wine.

Our Philosophy

The elaboration of our wines is governed by four separate operations - the vineyard, the wine-making process, the ageing and the bottling. But the different stakes are not all covered by each operation. Vidal-Fleury considers that only the vineyard and the maturing process will truly craft the personality of the wine. The wine-making and conditioning must be carried out with excellence but generate less differentiation among the various terroirs.
                   The superb origins of the grapes and the
                            patience taken in maturing are what make
                                   the quality of Vidal-Fleury wines.

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